Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate (1 Year)

Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate (Online & In Person)

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Welcome to the Expressive Movement Facilitator training program!

In this training we explore somatic and expressive movement, dance and embodiment through a developmental, physical , social-emotional, relational and community development lens. We prepare you to become a skilled somatic movement professional.

You will learn how to use dance, movement and somatic embodiment practices in a range of applications for different ages, needs and facilitation goals. Whether you are a yoga, dance or movement teacher/facilitator, therapist, or healthcare professional this professional development training provides tools and skills to quickly and with skill integrate into your practice.

Expressive Movement engages creativity to support people to connect with and bring their inner world into outer form and into connection with others. This is a wellness practice that engages body awareness and movement in order to increase well-being, self-understanding, embodiment and connection. We have a very unique program taught by expert and inspiring teachers.

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