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Moving with Infants and Children (on Demand)

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Prerequisites: It is recommended that all students taking this class for alternate route credit have taken Introduction to DMT I and II, or have completed a similar equivalent introductory DMT course. Student membership with the ADTA is recommended to support access to American Journal of Dance Therapy readings.

Course Objectives
1. Students will understand how DMT can be used to support children’s psychological needs at different developmental stages through connecting, moving, dancing and talking in relationship with a therapist.

2. Students will explore a variety of techniques and applications of Dance/Movement Therapy with children ages 0-7, and will learn about innovative methods for work with particular clinical issues and populations.

3. Students will learn about applications of DMT for children with special needs such as diagnosed disorders, disease and developmental disabilities, and also become aware of considerations for applying DMT cross-culturally.

4. Students will learn how to set basic goals and track progress in DMT work with children, and will demonstrate understanding of how to communicate about DMT to other mental health and educational professionals working with children.