DMT for Trauma Treatment II (2 credits)

DMT for Trauma Treatment II is an intensive, 4-day trauma informed course for alternate route students, that provides a thorough immersion in the clinical use of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) with survivors of complex and interpersonal trauma. Students will benefit from learning somatic and movement-based processing skills they can apply in their work, to address the unique clinical needs of survivors of trauma.

This course builds on the content and learning in Part I and consists of two primary modules; Treatment Phase 2 (Contact & Connection) and Treatment Phase 3 (Meaning-Making); and Clinical Process work. Case vignettes also promote integration of the movement processing skills taught in Part 2. Dyadic and group explorations of DMT skills to support clients’ processing of implicit memories, and somatic processing skills to strengthen clients somatic resources as well as process trauma, loss, grief and fear are central to this class.

The phasic component of this course is based on a contemporary, evidenced-based phasic approach to working with complex trauma. This course integrates relevant DMT developmental theory, and DMT theory. Part 2 also integrates contemporary neuroscience research including the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and Polyvagal Theory, which will then serve as the scientific foundation for the somatic and movement-based trauma processing skills students acquire in this class.