Human Movement Observation Level I (3 credits)

Open to clinicians, educators, and movement professionals.

This fun and dynamic course introduces Movement Observation and Analysis through the frameworks of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies and the Kestenberg Movement Profile. Learn how to perceive and notate elements of human movement while cultivating a more attuned relationship to your body-self and others, opening up a world of new potential.

Explore new choice and possibility in your movement, behavior, communication and mind through the elements of Flow, Space, Force (Weight), and Time as well as Shape Change and Space Harmony. Learn how our bodies adapt and change in relationship and how to utilize this understanding for therapeutic interventions. Explore movement’s role in the human ability to attend, intend and make decisions.

This course is highly experiential (be prepared to move) and will integrate movement explorations and observations of the dynamics of movement found in nature as well as in one’s daily and urban environment. Learn clinical, educational and creative applications of movement analysis, and:

  • Support positive family attachment dynamics using nonverbal communication
  • Facilitate optimal learning and attention for children and adults
  • Utilize methods of movement notation for assessment and/or choreography
  • Engage movement as a resource for renewal and inspiration