Human Movement Observation Level II (3 credits)

This course expands and deepens our understanding of more advanced movement analysis applications which includes therapeutic, developmental, educational, artistic, teamwork and community frameworks. We expand our range of movement, expanding who we are in the world as flexible, dynamic and humane beings. As we embody Laban Movement Analysis and the Kestenberg Movement Profile, we expand who we are in relationship, in our work, and in our leadership potential. We go in depth with more case studies, and students will present final projects integrating their knowledge and understanding for direct application to their field of interest.


Janet Kaylo world-renowned senior Certified Movement Analyst, Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), Senior Dance Movement Psychotherapist (ADMP, UK), and Registered Movement Pattern Analyst (Warren Lamb Trust).

Hana Kamea Kemble (Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Certified Laban Movement Analyst (IMS).