The Moving Child II: DMT with Youth and Teens (1 credit)

This course explores Dance/Movement Therapy with youth and teens from ages 7-16 years old and is also extremely valuable knowledge for working with adults. Here we engage with video content from a wide range of case studies as well as other resources.

You will learn about:

  • Engaging youth, teens and families using the DMT tools of attunement, mirroring, kinaesthetic empathy and expansion of movement repertoire, redirecting movement impulse, and building narrative and story through movement, as well as healing traumas, through creative forms and activities.
  • Expanding awareness and working a number of themes related to this population, including body image, sexuality, identity, drug and alcohol addiction and cultural and sub-cultural influences.

There are two parts to this course: we ask that you attend Part I before taking Part II as the courses are sequential in design.

Part I (1 credit; 15hours): covers material for applications in utero through age 7.

Part II (1 credit: 15hours): covers material for applications for ages 7-16 years old.