Hana Kamea Kemble


Hana Kamea Kemble is the founder of The Movement Arc, formerly West Coast Dance/Movement Therapy training program , supported by one of her key DMT mentors Kalila Homann in 2012 to begin teaching DMT. Hana has worked as a Mental Health Clinician for over 22 years, in a vast variety of clinical and educational settings.  She currently resides in the mountains of the Chilcotin region of British Columbia, Canada, and acknowledges living and working in the traditional territory of the Tsilhqot’in Nation. Hana goes by the pronouns She/Her. She acknowledges and welcomes students of diverse identities and cultural heritage, and commits to establishing as “relatively safe” an atmosphere of inclusion for teaching as possible.

In addition to working as a Counsellor/Dance Therapist, Hana is also the creator and producer of The Moving Child Films I, II and III (www.themovingchild.com and through Kanopy) and has published a music CD called “Be My Mirror” with songs for moving with children to, which is also available at the film’s website. Hana is passionate about Dance/Movement Therapy, voice, music, and Eco-Psychology. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with a variety of teachers over the years including original training in Somatic Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, trained by Christine Caldwell, Susan Aposhyan, Ryan Kennedy and many others, which was informed too by a Buddhist-inspired positive approach to psychology. Hana’s training honours the complex interconnectivity of the Body-Mind and the value of mindfulness and contemplative, somatic education.

In addition to offering online training through Zoom and other tools, Hana teaches different health professionals in methods and applications of Dance/Movement Therapy (www.themovementarc.com).

Hana is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT #1001), Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #2390), Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) and Yoga Teacher (RYT200), also specialized in BodyMind Psychotherapy (with work of Susan Aposhyan).  She has also studied and integrated much Vocal training into her work over the years, as well as taken many courses in play therapy, sand-play and other forms of expressive arts.

Hana loves to travel, speaks Spanish, and French, and enjoys presenting workshops for diverse audiences. The Moving Child Films are now being translated into different languages (using subtitles).

http://hanakamea.com, http://themovingchild.com