Jackie Minns

Jackie is an award-winning actor, director, producer that specializes in the use of performative movement methods for authentic expression. With an emphasis on bridging the inner process to outer motion, Jackie is a Movement Practitioner that leads students to their own original ‘physical voice’. In addition to studying Physical Theatre at the famed Del Arte International School in California, Jackie has also been on the faculty of the Vancouver Film School and developed the movement curriculum. In addition to artistic expression, Jackie also brings extensive experience in somatic yoga practices and the connection of mind, body, and spirit to her embodiment discipline.

She integrates unique movement modalities such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Improvisational and classical dance, mask & clown work, and Laban Movement analysis to inspire students towards greater flow. Expression begins in the body, and Jackie is both a mover and spontaneous creator, bringing decades of experience in the use of movement for stage and screen into every class she teaches, or individual she coaches. She weaves performative knowledge with playful inquiry to elevate daily movement into a personal art form.

As the Co-Artistic Director of Kingbaby Theatre, she originated numerous characters within memorable shows such as the national touring La Vita Grande, Messes & Marvels, The Jackie Show, and the heartwarming Mad Mable’s Christmas. Humor, optimism, and human connection are the driving forces within her life and work.