Suzanne Hastie

MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, Certified KMP Analyst

Suzanne Hastie has a private practice in the Lehigh Valley, PA. She studied the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) with Susan Loman and interned with Dr. Judith Kestenberg at her Center for Parents and Children. She has been teaching the KMP since 2000 at Kinections, Drexel University, Naropa University and as an alternate route educator integrating vast clinical skills to enrich teaching. She has written articles and chapters on the KMP. In response to expanding international interest in the KMP, she is teaching KMP online–with students in Israel, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Thailand, India, and China. She is passionate about the KMP and all it has to offer.