Awakening the Instincts


Awakening the Instincts: Using Movement and Imagery to Free the Life Force (Helping things fall apart using a provocative approach to play therapy) Cost: $125 + $6.25 GST = Total $131.25

This 3 hour experiential and theoretical training explores working with children whose presenting symptoms call for rapid intervention. Using a body centered and imagination driven approach, it is possible to create a healthy defense system by deconstructing the unhealthy one. This approach is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, DW Winnicott, Carl Jung and Janet Adler, plus the thousands of children that were in treatment with Dennis McCarthy.
Two cases will be explored in depth, and we will use movement, clay, drawing and the active imagination to personalize these methods.

*Does NOT count for ADTA Alt Route credit. Fee for this course is separate from either of the training program tuition fees.

Instructors: Dennis McCarthy, LMHC/DMT (see Bio)
Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2022 (three hours)
Hours: 9:00AM to 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time
Location: ONLINE using Zoom
Cost: $125 + $6.25 GST(tax) = Total $131.25 CDN