The Moving Child (Part I): Dance/Movement Therapy with Infants and Children


The Moving Child Part I: Dance Therapy with Infants and Children (0-7).

This course welcomes professionals from allied fields (therapists, educators, parents, youth workers) as well as students of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). If you only wish to take Part I (ages 0-7 interventions) you can take this one course. If you wish to continue into Part II: Dance/Movement Therapy for Youth and Teens ages 8-16, you can do that too (see Part II workshop tab).

Part I explores DMT processes and interventions with infants and children from in utero through age 7 (including involving their families) and is also extremely valuable knowledge for working with adults. Here we engage with video content from The Moving Child Films I, II and III as well as many other resources.

You will learn about:

  • Engaging children and families using the DMT tools of attunement, mirroring, kinaesthetic empathy and expansion of movement repertoire, redirecting movement impulse, and building narrative and story through movement, as well as healing traumas, through creative forms and activities.
  • Expanding awareness and working with the movement and behavioural imprints of in utero, birth and early development and understand the relationship between movement and healthy attachment/bonding. This is very relevant for work with all ages of people.

Course Part I Fees: $500 + $25.00 GST = Total $525.00 (CAD dollars) (1 credit: 15hrs)

Instructor: Hana Kamea Kemble, BC-DMT, RCC, CLMA, RYT

Dates of Part I: January 27, 28, 29, 2023 (15 hours:1 credit)

Hours: Friday Jan 27 from 9:30am-12:30pm and 2-5pm, Saturday Jan 28 morning self-study assignments and in class 2-5pm (Pacific Daylight Time), Sunday 9:30-12:30 and 2-5pm.

Location: ONLINE via Zoom (you will be sent a link)

To enrol please email us at

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*This course counts for ADTA Alt Route credits (15hours: 1 credit).  This course is open to professionals not enrolled in our 1 or 3 year training programs, by invite after a phone or email conversation with course instructor Hana.

(Part II follows quickly on dates: Jan 30, 31 and Feb 1: see other workshop tab)