Dance/Movement Therapy Training Courses

Learn how to engage  the body, movement and dance in psychotherapy!

In these professional development courses we harness the intelligence of the body-mind as a therapeutic tool for well-being. Learn Dance/Movement Therapy techniques, methods and approaches for use with diverse clients and groups, and explore cutting-edge research in Movement, Somatic Psychology, Attachment and Interpersonal Neuro-Biology. Bring your professional graduate level skills and experience in counselling and psychology together with the art and science of Dance/Movement Therapy to engage clients through the intricate body-mind dynamic.

What we offer:

  • A variety of courses (not a full 27 credit program at this time) accredited by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA Alternate Route path) for those pursuing their Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) credentials.
  • Opportunity to take part in group supervision as part of the required total supervision hours for completion of the Alternate Route training application made to the ADTA for credentialing as a clinical DMT.


  • A clinical approach to working therapeutically using dance and movement
  • Facilitating Dance/Movement Therapy for children, teens, adults, and elders
  • Applications with diverse individuals and groups
  • Movement observation and analysis
  • Deepening your own embodiment and knowledge of the process of embodiment
  • Trauma informed practices for Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Dance/Movement Therapy practices for parenting and family healing
  • Movement’s role in human development throughout the life process
  • Understanding use of dance in rites of passage, ceremony and ritual
  • Self and Co-regulation tools
  • Ethical considerations for therapeutic practice in Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Using Dance/Movement Therapy to work with differently abled and developmental differences
  • Cross-cultural considerations for Dance/Movement Therapy
Applicant criteria
  • Have completed graduate studies in counselling,  psychology, social work or the equivalent graduate coursework as specified by the ADTA (
  • Have at least five years of concentrated study in at least one dance form such as modern, ballet, jazz, tap, ethnic or folk, leading to competence in the basic fundamentals of dance. Dance training can have occurred at any time in an applicant’s lifetime, but some of it should be recent.
  • Are emotionally mature and ready to commit to the three year training and apply the skills of dance/movement therapy.
  • Have time and energy to commit to this full 3 year training program.
Admissions process
  1. We recommend all students applying to this program have taken our introductory workshop Dipping Your Toes In, as a way for instructors and students to meet and get to know each other through movement.

    Next workshop: Saturday, November 19th, 2022 10am to 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Online)


  2. Students are asked to submit a short letter of intent that includes information about their current work and background in somatic movement or dance or yoga. Due before deposit deadline.
  3. Submission of a short 2-3 minutes video of a dynamic dance created and performed by you. We suggest the dance be an expression of your interest and passion for movement/dance and working with people. Due before deposit deadline.
  4. To be followed by a 30 minute conversation with a faculty member by phone or Zoom to confirm enrollment and answer any questions the student may have.

Admissions will open in the Winter of 2023 for the 2023 Fall start of program.

Contact Us

All questions and application submissions can be sent to:

Melissa Flagg, Administrative Coordinator


What courses do we offer?

We usually offer 3 to 4 Dance/Movement Therapy courses and seminars per year: these are usually online, but may also take place in person.

Please apply now as courses fill up quickly; send an email to us at info @ (see below APPLY NOW button to click on)

Below are a description of the courses that we may or may not be offering in any given year. See course calendar below for dates of current upcoming courses.

Courses include synchronous and asynchronous learning time.

R-DMT Credentialing:

At this time, The Movement Arc is not offering all 27 credits in courses so students are welcome to take courses at other Alt Route DMT training institutions of which there are many in the USA. There are many aspects involved in credentialing as a R-DMT beyond the course work, and for all the current information, including detailed descriptions of required coursework, internships, and pre-requisite graduate level credits please consult the ADTA Alternate Route HandBook.

Dance/Movement Therapy Courses: Schedule

We welcome your inquiries regarding the following live online courses scheduled for 2024 and winter 2025.

SPRING 2024 

Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy I: Theory, Methods, and Techniques (30hrs: 2 credits)

Instructor: Hana Kamea Kemble, RCC, BC-DMT, CLMA, MA, RCC, BMP, IFOT, RYT.

(Beginner level course)

dates: Wednesdays

APRIL 10,17,24,        

MAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 

JUNE 5, 12 

TIME: 5:30-8pm Pacific time zone (plus .5hrs of asynchronous assignments)

(LIVE Online: BY zoom)

Registration deadline is: March 1, 2024 (deposits due at time of registration: register early!)



Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy II: Clinical Applications (15hrs: 1 credit)

Instructors: Hana Kamea Kemble, and Tannis Hugill, BC-DMTs.

(Beginner level course)


 SEPTEMBER 16, 23, 30


TIME: 5:30-8pm Pacific time zone (plus .5hrs of asynchronous assignments)


Registration deadline is: August 15, 2024 (deposits due at time of registration: register early)



The Moving Child Part I: DMT with Infants and young children ages 0-8, and their families (15hrs: 1 credit).

Instructor: Hana Kamea Kemble (creator of The Moving Child Films)

(Beginner level course)


NOVEMBER 13, 20, 27

DEC 4, 11

TIME: 5:30-8pm Pacific time zone (plus .5hrs of asynchronous assignments)


Registration deadline is: August October 15, 2024 (deposits due at time of registration: register early!)

WINTER 2025 

The Moving Child part II: DMT with Youth and Teens ages 8-16, and their families (15hrs: 1 credit). 

Instructors: Hana Kamea Kemble, and guest Dennis McCarthy.

(Beginner level course)


FEBRUARY 12, 19, 26

MARCH 5, 12


TIME: 5:30-8pm Pacific time zone (plus .5hrs of asynchronous assignments)



Registration deadline is: January 15 2025 (deposits due at time of registration: register early!)


Tuition fees

$625.00 CAD dollars, per 15hr class, 1 credit.

A 50% deposit** is required to register for the course plus 5% GST tax if you are Canadian, living in Canada.

Payment Plan for 2024 and winter 2025 DMT courses (If you sign up for all FOUR courses): Total fees are $3125.00 plus GST 5% tax

PaymentAmount (after deposit)Due Date
1 – Year 1$625.00 (PLUS 5% GST tax)1 month after deposit of $312.50
2 – Year 1$312.50 (PLUS 5% GST tax)3 months
3 – Year 1$625.00 (PLUS 5% GST tax)at 6 months
4 – Year 1$625.00 (PLUS 5% GST tax)9 months
 5 – Year 1 $625.00 (PLUS 5% GST tax) 12 months

Inquiries welcome any time! These courses are open to non-Alternate Route ADTA students, and we will consider current Masters level students who are experienced in expressive arts and have a solid background in movement studies.

Our Core Instructors

  • Hana Kamea Kemble, BC-DMT
  • Tannis Hugill, BC-DMT

GUEST Instructors

  • Suzanne Hastie
  • Dennis McCarthy
  • Dr. Charne Furcron
  • Veronica Berezowsky
  • Janet Kaylo

And other internationally recognized Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists and Certified Movement Analysts

Embodiment Foundations

Embodiment Foundations is a 50 hour course for personal or professional development focused on Somatic Movement and Education. This course spans 2.5 months and is taught in person as well as online learning classes.
50 Hours

Expressive Movement Facilitator Training

10 month long (non-clinical) certificate program, which offers skills training for professionals in the facilitation of expressive movement, dance and embodiment practices for community applications.
10 months

Dance/Movement Therapy Training

Our full 3 year ADTA Alternate Route training program is currently on hold but individual courses are being offered one at a time for now. DMT for the Adult Journey is being offered Fall of 2023. For courses please contact us.
3 Year