Movement Therapy Advanced Training Courses (Online & In Person)

250 hours, 10 months: February to November ​

These courses are reserved for more advanced ADTA Alternate Route path Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) students. However, we do consider applications from other practicing Psychotherapists (already trained at minimum Masters level) with a strong background and experience with embodiment, dance and movement, who have already completed introductory level DMT courses elsewhere.  If you are new to The Movement Arc and interested in joining a course, please fill in an application using the APPLY NOW red button above right, after reading our applicant criteria below, if you see a course below listed that you would like to be considered for application to. We only accept students trained at a Masters level in Counselling, Social Work, or Psychology.

At The Movement Arc, we offer 1 to 2 courses per calendar year in advanced movement therapy skills. These courses support more in depth understanding of integrating dance and movement into one’s professional clinical psychotherapy practice.

For those not interested in pursuing the full course of studies in DMT through the ADTA Alternate Route Registered Dance Therapist path (which is 405 hours plus a 700 hour internship and 70 hours of supervision), we find that many professional’s needs and interests are also met well by taking our Expressive Movement Facilitator training program which is a 250 hour 10 month long program, accredited through ISMETA. That program is not specifically clinical in orientation, and it is NOT a training in DMT, but is instead an in depth training in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies and other ways of engaging expressive movement for people, and offers a good training in how to apply movement facilitation for community applications for your specific professional practice.

We are NOT currently offering a full sequential training program in DMT.  Instead, we are offering 1-2 courses per year for current students or those visiting from other ADTA Alterate Route programs to support completion of studies. We will also from time to time be offering stand-alone advanced movement therapy courses not affiliated with the ADTA or DMTAC credentialing. These are ideal courses for those Registered Dance/Movement Therapist’s who have already graduated from their core training but who would like to increase skills and knowledge in particular areas of application. Please join our Mailing List so you can receive updates on courses upcoming and also send us an email.

For those looking for a full integrated training program in DMT:

Visit the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) website for USA based DMT training programs that offer full 405 hour trainings (these usually take 2.5-4 years to complete):

 There is also a full Dance/Movement Therapist training program in Canada (accredited by the ADTA) that is offered through the National Centre for Dance Therapy, based in Montreal, Quebec:

What we offer: 

  •   1 to 3 credit (15 to 45 hour long) courses that may involve asynchronous as well as synchronous (live online) and in-person meetings in British Columbia, Canada. 
  • Potential support for completing Alt Route ADTA studies in DMT courses.
  • Individual supervision available for current Alt Route students needing supervision hours.
  • Connection to a cohort of current and past DMT training students currently applying movement therapy in their clinical practices, with whom to potentially connect and collaborate.
  • Group supervision opportunities to reduce the cost of completing Alt Route path supervision hours for those applying for their R-DMT.

What you will gain from this coursework is knowledge and skills in:  

  •  Applying body-oriented and movement-based counselling psychotherapy skills.
  • Applying methods, techniques and approaches of Dance Therapy.
  • Cross-cultural considerations, ethical use of movement interventions.
  • Neurobiologically based understanding of movement therapy’s efficacy.
  •  Meeting and practicing alongside other movement-inclusive therapists working in innovative ways, inspiring new ideas for your practice!
  • Be an advanced ADTA Alternate Route DMT student, in process of completing studies.
  • OR, be a credentialed masters level psychotherapist with background in dance and movement and having completed intro level courses in DMT already.
  • In good mental health and physical capacity for moving.
  1. Click on the red CONTACT button at top right of website and fill in your information.
  2. Have an interview/conversation with Hana, the program director.    Meetings can be scheduled here:
  3. All students new to The Movement Arc, will need to then send in a 2-3 minute video of student spontaneously, creatively and dynamically moving-dancing to a favourite piece of music.
  4. You will be informed of acceptance after that video has been received and reviewed.
  5. You will then send a deposit payment for the course or full fees, depending on when due.
Please fill in our CONTACT US button as the portal for us to receive your information and questions. And we will respond usually within 7 days if not sooner (sometimes we are teaching).

Movement Therapy training courses include:

The Following Courses may be offered from time to time, please write to us if you are a current Alternate Route DMT student interested in a particular course. 

Health Protocols:

**In-person courses are dependent on COVID safety protocols; if we cannot meet in person then we will meet online. We may request mask wearing and daily Covid home testing in order to participate in person. We honour medical exemptions. At this time in British Columbia there are no Covid measures/restrictions in place.

Attendance Policy:

**Students are expected to attend any intensives in person and atleast 80% of class time. We are not able to accommodate hybrid learning by filming the courses or using Zoom. If you were to miss a course due to illness or other emergency, you would be welcome to attend the following year’s in-person intensive free of charge and would receive your Certificate after all coursework is completed. We cannot provide certificates of completion for those who have not attended all courses, completed all coursework and attended the in-person intensives. Thank you for understanding, as we wish to keep our trainings at a high level and with ongoing skills assessment. A minimum of 80% of all classes need to be attended when they are happening live (not watched as recordings).

Fees for 2024 

Total PER CREDIT is $625.00 CAD dollars (15 hour course), or $1250.00 for 2 credits (30 hour course), or $1875.00 for 3 credits (45 hour course). Total due 30 days before course start date. 

Prices do not include airfare, accommodations, travel or textbooks and additional supplies potentially needed. All courses will take place on Saltspring Island, BC, a close trip by ferry (BC Ferries) or seaplane (Harbour Air) from Vancouver BC, or Victoria BC.
We cannot estimate your unique travel costs to and from Vancouver, but if you need help estimating other costs, please contact us.

2024 Advanced Movement Therapy Courses


Dates: July 16 evening, 5-8:30pm, and

July 17, 18, 19 (20 is rest/off), 21, 22, 23, 2024: Hours are 9am-12:45pm and 1:45-5:30pm daily hours (with lunch and other breaks).

Location: The beautiful Saltspring Yoga Centre on Saltspring Island BC, where you can have accommodations and catered meals, or not, you can always stay off site or camp. 



Tannis Hugill, MA, RCC, BC-DMT, RDT (Practitioner of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

Hana Kamea Kemble, MA, RCC, RSMT, BC-DMT, CLMA, RYT, BMP

Veronica Berezowsky, RCC, MA, DMT, RSMT

and others!

Embodiment Foundations Course

A 50 hour course for personal (or professional) development focused on introducing somatic movement and embodiment skills to those with or without prior movement experience. 25 hours are taught online (over 3 months) followed by a 25 hour in-person embodiment retreat on Saltspring Island.
50 Hours

Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate Program

A 250 hour 10 month long (non-clinical) certificate program, which offers skills training for professionals in the facilitation of expressive movement, dance and embodiment practices for community applications. This program is mainly focused in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies framework.
10 months

Movement Therapy Advanced Training Courses

Intensive Courses for ADTA Alternate Route advanced students. We are from time to time offering intensive courses in the use of dance and movement for psychotherapeutic goals, as well as special workshops in this area that are open to allied psychotherapy professionals upon interview.