Diversity, Power and Cultural Sensitivity

The EMF program includes two classes (5 hours total) that explore issues of Diversity, Privilege, (Right Relationship to) Power, and becoming more culturally sensitive and aware. Students are invited to explore somatically how they would locate themselves in relationship to their privilege in the world as assessed through a variety of topic areas. We also explore as a group the kinds of power dynamics that can arise in facilitator-student relationships and how to continue to check one’s relationship to power by staying connected to signs of one’s potential mis-use of power somatically.

Our wish in including these classes is that our students will become more aware of how to also be respectful and make space and welcome for people of diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds, sexual and gender orientation etc.. There is always more one can learn!

There is great strength and intelligence in diversity!

These classes are taught by Veronica Berezowsky, a BIPOC community member. They take place online.