Trauma Informed Expressive Movement Facilitation Practices

Trauma-Informed Expressive Movement Facilitation Practices are classes (4 in total) that are woven into the core curricula of the program, both online and during our in-person intensives.

In these classes, we learn about trauma and its relationship to and impact upon the body-mind-spirit. We explore resourcing skills and practices for leading trauma informed dance and movement sessions in order to prevent re-traumatization and in order to know how to support our clients and community to find their way to healing processes. We get clear on the EMF’s scope of practice with regard to working with trauma, and talk about the types of somatic therapies recommended for anyone wanting to heal their trauma at a deeper level.

We also explore how to support if someone becomes ‘activated’ (otherwise known as triggered) and explore ways to support, through understanding the Polyvagal Theory, how to resource oneself and others through ventral vagal practices.

And so much more!