10 month Expressive Movement Facilitator Tuition Fees:

Total 2024 year’s tuition: $4880 + $244 5% GST = $5124.00 CDN

A $976 deposit* plus 5% GST tax $48.80 for total of  $1024.80 Canadian Dollars is required to register, and is due by December 15, 2023. Deposit is 20% of full tuition.


A 20% deposit ($1314.00, includes tax) is due by at latest October 30, and is then followed by 4 equal payments of $1314.00 at intervals of:

December 15: $1314 due

March 15: $1314 due

June 15: $1314 due

September 15: $1314 due

(If a different payment plan is needed, please discuss with the program director. We may or may not be able to accommodate. We reserve one 50% work-study scholarship each year for someone from the global southern hemisphere. Travel to Canada will still need to take place for all intensives. Thank you, please apply if this interests you by emailing us at info at themovementarc.com


Pay the full tuition before Feb 9, 2024 and receive a discount of $200.

Discounted full pay tuition: $4680 + $234 (5%GST) = $4914.00


Please Scroll onto PAY FOR EMF PROGRAM under the FEES button: which will direct you to payment page.

The Movement Arc loves when people pay by Etransfer and by Bank to Bank wire transfer. To arrange these payment methods, please email us. These save us big fees! Thank you.

*Fees can be paid through the website or on request through Etransfer

**Deposits are non-refundable ( please review our policy)

***Fees are subject to change from year to year with inflation rate.

Three Year Dance/Movement Therapy Tuition Fees:

Fees for 27 credits (included in 3 years of study): $17,020 CDN + additional costs*

A $2041.20 deposit** is required to register (deposit is 12% of tuition before tax)

Quarterly Payment Plan for 3 Years

A $1620 deposit** is required to register (deposit is 12% of tuition before tax)
PaymentAmount (after deposit)Due Date
1 – Year 1$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)1 month after Deposit
2 – Year 1$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
3 – Year 1$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
4 – Year 1$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
5 – Year 2$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
6 – Year 2$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
7 – Year 2$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
8 – Year 2$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
9 – Year 3$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
10 – Year 3$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months
11 – Year 3$1080 (PLUS 5% GST tax)Every 3 months

*One elective credit in Anatomy/Kinesiology is organized for students outside of the DMT curriculum depending on the needs within the cohort. This course is an additional cost, as some students coming into the training will already have this credit course from previous training. For those that still require it, The Movement Arc will organize a course for students within the three year time frame. 

*Group Supervision fees are not included in the overall 3 year DMT program cost; this is optional for those Dance/Movement Therapy training students in their second or third year of studies, who have begun their internship hours in a clinical setting.

*Cost of the 3 year DMT program textbooks is not included in the course fees. Students can expect to invest approximately $1000 for required textbooks over the three years of the training, though many books can be ordered through your public library or bought second hand.

*All travel and accommodation required for students coming from outside of the region are not included in the course fees. 

**Deposits are non-refundable (please review our policy)

***Fees are subject to change from year to year with inflation rate.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

DEPOSITS: A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit payment is due upon acceptance into the program, before the start of courses to register for the Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate Program (10 months) or Dance/Movement Therapy Training (3 year). A place in either program will only be held for students who have been accepted into the program, completed the registration process and made their deposit. All deposits are non-refundable with exceptions in emergency situations.

PAYMENT IN FULL can be made for the Dipping Your Toes In introductory workshop and all other stand alone workshops and courses to complete registration and hold a place for you in the course.

PROGRAM AND INDIVIDUAL COURSE PAYMENTS MADE IN FULL  (such as Dipping Your Toes In workshop) are 50% refundable up to 30 days prior to the program or course beginning, and beyond that are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a workshop and are sick, we will offer you a spot free of charge in our next workshop offered of the same name.

CLINICAL SUPERVISION RATES for the 3 year DMT Training: Students will need to pay for their own supervision once they begin their 700 internship hours. Supervision takes place outside of class hours, and each student is responsible for determining which BC-DMT supervisor they would like to receive supervision from. This can possibly be a Movement Arc instructor or anyone else in the global DMT field who are approved to supervise. (Students will pay their supervision fees to their supervisor directly.) The Movement Arc offers an Internship Supervision and Professional Development optional course, which provides 30hours of supervision in a group setting online, for significant Supervision hours savings. Please inquire with our administrator.