Dipping Your Toes In: The Movement Arc Introductory Workshop Sat March 2, 2024 or Saturday May 4, 2024


The Movement Arc’s introductory workshop is designed to nurture your soul and enliven your body-mind connection! Gently guided by Hana Kamea Kemble or other instructors, this is a group exploration full of embodiment and dynamic dance and movement practices that will support your deeper understanding of the shared principles of Somatic Movement. It is also an opportunity to experientially explore methods and techniques of movement-centred modalities, understand applications as well as take time for contemplative reflection about yourself through your own embodied learning. This workshop is also an opportunity for deeper consideration about The Movement Arc’s workshops, courses and training programs, and is open to clinicians and non-clinicians interested in entering either course of study.

*Does NOT count for ADTA Alt Route credit. Fee for this course is separate from any of our training program tuition fees.

Instructor: Hana Kamea Kemble (see Bio in website)
Date: Saturday, March 2 or May 4, 2024.  We encourage you to sign up as early as possible. You do not have to have taken this Intro workshop in order to apply to any Movement Arc program, but it is a strong recommendation to attend the Dipping Your Toes In workshop. Please however do not delay applying to programs if their deadlines are soon.

Hours: 10am-3:00pm with one hour for lunch from 12-1pm Pacific Standard Time
Location: ONLINE using Zoom (delivered from instructor in British Columbia, Canada).
Cost: $105.00 + $5.25  GST = Total $110.25

Please note: We reserve the right to reschedule this workshop if needed and fully refund your money. If a student were not able to attend the workshop date they have signed up for, we do allow for a reschedule to a later date for one time only.