Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate Program (Takes place both Online & In Person)

250 hours, 10 months: February to November ​

Our EMF program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our EMF program graduates meet all requirements to become an Associate Somatic Movement Professional (ASMP). (For more information on ISMETA, visit 

In the Expressive Movement Facilitator training we explore somatic and expressive movement, dance and embodiment through a developmental, physical , social-emotional, relational and community development lens. We prepare you to become a skilled somatic movement professional. You will learn how to use dance, movement and somatic embodiment practices in a range of applications for different ages, needs and facilitation goals. Whether you are a yoga, dance or movement teacher/facilitator, therapist, or healthcare professional this professional development training provides tools and skills to quickly and with skill integrate into your practice. Expressive Movement engages creativity to support people to connect with and bring their inner world into outer form and into connection with others. This is a wellness practice that engages body awareness and movement in order to increase well-being, self-understanding, embodiment and connection. We have a very unique program taught by expert and inspiring teachers.

What we offer: 

  •  A 10-month long 250 hour training culminating in receiving an Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate from The Movement Arc. (This is a non-clinical training). With successful completion of the 250hour program requirements, you are also eligible for ISMETA credentialing as an ASMP.
  • 1/1 support from instructors to help you apply the curricula to your practice area.
  • Connection to a growing global community of Expressive Movement Facilitators and allied somatic movement practitioners, as well as ISMETA’s global community of ASMP’s and others.

What you will gain from this training is knowledge and skills in:  

  • The Movement Arc 7-Stage Expressive Movement facilitation process
  • Understanding movement’s important role in human development through the life-span
  • Experiencing the natural intelligence of the Body-Mind including exploration of experiential anatomy, the body systems and developmental movement patterning and progressions
  • Facilitating expressive movement for children, teens, adults, and elders
  • Facilitating somatic movement explorations for individuals and groups
  • Introductory Movement Observation using  Laban/Bartenieff principles
  • Deepening your own embodiment and movement “repertoire”
  • Understanding processes and portals for embodiment practice
  • Understanding and utilizing a specifically Somatic approach to movement
  • Using dance for rites of passage, ceremony and ritual 
  • Embodiment for self regulation and self-care
  • Trauma informed practices and awareness
  • How to bring expressive movement into different environments (community centres, seniors homes, classrooms, and hospitals)
  • Engaging different abilities and developmental differences 
  • Cross-cultural considerations, ethics and being in right relationship to power and privilege
  • Have professional experience and training working with people in community, ideally in some kind of professional practice, ie. teaching/instructing dance, yoga or movement arts, community outreach, therapy or other healthcare modalities.
  • Are emotionally mature enough to do well in a group learning environment, and able to apply Expressive Movement Facilitation and somatic skills to your own professional role.
  • Have a background in dance, yoga, expressive movement, somatic or other movement arts.
  • Have time and energy to commit to this full year Certificate program.
  1. We recommend all students applying to this program have taken our introductory workshop Dipping Your Toes In as a way for instructors and students to meet and get to know each other through movement.

    Next workshop: Saturday, November 19, 2022 10:00am to 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Online)

  2. Students are asked to submit a short letter of intent that includes information about their current work and background in somatic movement or dance or yoga. Due with deposit before or by November 15th.
  3. Submission of a short 2-3 minutes video of a dynamic dance created and performed by you. We suggest the dance be an expression of your interest and passion for movement/dance and working with people. Due before or by November 15th.
  4. To be followed by a 30 minute conversation with a faculty member by phone or Zoom to confirm enrollment and answer any questions the student may have.
All questions and application submissions can be sent to: Melissa Flagg, Administrative Coordinator

What is involved in the 250 hour training?

The Following Themes. Courses and Topics: 

* Courses include mainly synchronous (live) learning time, with some asynchronous assignments such as watching films, engaging in partner work and additional tutorials etc.. Readings and other resources are also connected to classes.

As part of our 250 hour Program, students also participate in:  

  1. 6 sessions (1hr each, either online or in person) focused on the student’s own embodiment practice and development, taken with an ISMETA registered somatic movement professional practitioner (*we can provide a list of possibilities in the Vancouver area and you can always look for someone local to your own area yourself, through the ISMETA website). (Students pay fees directly to the practitioner and Movement Arc instructors are also available for sessions either in person or online). 
  2. 18 hrs of Somatic Movement Tutorials online (offered by Hana and Amanda, EMF program instructors) online during evenings from either April-June, or Sept-Nov (1.5hour classes times 12 = 18hours). Your choice as to when you participate. (Included in cost of tuition.)
  3. 8 hours of 1/1 Support/Supervision time with Movement Arc Instructors (Included in your tuition); 1 hour is required for meetings after each course, plus extra hour of supervision as part of the Community Application Projects course.

Additional expectations:  

1. Students will need to purchase 2 textbooks; approximate cost is $100.00 (price can vary due to inflation).

2. Students will have required readings for each course (often provided, if articles) as well as suggested supplemental readings (student choice to read or not).

3. Students will prepare and present a 15 minute oral presentation about applying The Movement Arc’s Expressive Movement  Facilitation within their community or for an individual case study (during November).

Recommended to do as part of your EMF training:
  1. Students are recommended to explore a minimum of 2 different dance styles or somatic movement practices (online or in person) in order to expand their own movement repertoire and knowledge, over the course of the program duration (10 months). These hours do not count towards your 250 program hours. This is just simply what The Movement Arc recommends to get the most out of your training and feel confident as an EMF.
Health Protocols:

**In-person courses are dependent on COVID safety protocols; if we cannot meet in person then we will meet online. We may request mask wearing and daily Covid home testing in order to participate in person. We honour medical exemptions. At this time in British Columbia there are no Covid measures/restrictions in place.

Attendance Policy:

**Students are expected to attend intensives in person. We are not able to accommodate hybrid learning by filming the intensives. If you were to miss an intensive due to illness or other emergency, you would be welcome to attend the following year’s in-person intensive free of charge and would receive your Certificate after all coursework is completed. We cannot provide certificates of completion for those who have not attended all courses, completed all coursework and attended the in-person intensives. Thank you for understanding, as we wish to keep our trainings at a high level and with ongoing skills assessment. A minimum of 80% of all classes need to be attended when they are happening live (not watched as recordings).

Tuition fees for 2025 (250 hour program)

Total 10 month program tuition: Canadian dollars: $6570.00 plus $328.50 (5%GST tax)  = $6898.50

(This fee works out to approximately $26.50 Canadian dollars per teaching hour).

(Travel, accommodations, food, textbooks, your 6hours of 1/1 RSMT sessions are extra. 

Low-cost camping is available during summer intensives and relatively low-cost housing during the spring intensive. All intensives will take place on Saltspring Island, BC, a close trip from Vancouver BC.

We cannot estimate your unique travel costs, but if you need help estimating other costs, please contact us.


A 20% deposit ($1314.00, includes tax) is due by at latest October 15, and is then followed by 4 equal payments of $1379.70 at intervals of:

December 15, 2024: $1379.70 due

March 15, 2025: $1379.70 due

June 15, 2025: $1379.70 due

September 15, 2025: $1379.70 due

(If a different payment plan is needed, please discuss with the program director. We may or may not be able to accommodate. We reserve one 50% work-study scholarship each year for someone from the global southern hemisphere. Travel to Canada will still need to take place for all intensives. Thank you, please apply if this interests you by emailing us at info at

Early Bird Discount

Pay the full tuition before October 15 and receive a discount of $200.
Discounted tuition: $6370.00 + $318.50 (5% GST) = $6688.50


Students are invited to register once they have applied and been accepted into the EMF Certificate Program. The application process will involve an interview, letter of interest, and movement video submitted. The application process is usually completed within two weeks.

A $1314.00 (non-refundable) deposit is required to register, and is due once accepted into program (deposit is 20% of total fees.) to hold your spot.

Deposits and Tuition can be paid through the website or Etransfers can be made to We can also facilitate credit card payments through Quickbooks, Square, Wise, or a bank wire transfer can be arranged. 

*Deposits are non-refundable (please review our policy). In case of severe illness or emergency, deposits can be held and put towards courses for 1 additional year.

2024 Training Schedule (2025 dates below)


             The program includes two (6.5 days each) in-person intensives in Vancouver, BC which are 90 hrs total in-person teaching hours, plus 

              asynchronous assignments (approximately 1hr of work/readings per class), plus online classes by Zoom between Feb-March, April-June, Sept-Nov.

  • IN PERSON INTENSIVE ONE: March 23 evening, 24, 25, 26 (27 is rest/off), 28, 29, 30, 2024 (@Ukrainian Hall, Vancouver, BC): 6.5 days: 45hours, 9am-12:45pm & 1:45- 5:30pm (7.5 hour days) Pacific Time Zone

  • IN PERSON INTENSIVE TWO: July 5 evening, 6,7,8 (9 is rest/off), 10,11,12, 2024 (@Ukrainian Hall, Vancouver BC): 45hrs, 6.5 days, 9am-12:45pm – 1:45-5:30pm (7.5 hour days) Pacific Time Zone


    ISMETA APPROVED 250 hours program ONLY adds an additional 3RD IN PERSON INTENSIVE during July 16 eve, July 17, 18, 19 (20 is rest/off), 21, 22, 23,2024  for 45 hours of training plus 5 hours online classes in fall, towards somatic movement professional credentialing. This intensive takes place on Saltspring Island, BC, a ferry ride from Vancouver area ) at the beautiful Saltspring Yoga Centre, from 9am-12:45pm and 1:45-5:30pm daily hours (with lunch and other short breaks). 

    This 3rd intensive is designed to be residential with meals and accommodations included in fees (these fees are additional to the 200hour program fees). To add 50 hours to the EMF program, plus meals, accommodations over 8 days is an investment of: $3375.60 CAD (fees subject to slight change year to year).

    (**The option of finding your own accommodations or camping on Saltspring and covering your own meals does exist and brings the price down to approximately $1837.50 for these additional 50hours of training. Please inquire if you prefer this option.)


    ONLINE TRAINING COMPONENT (By Zoom): Classes are 2.75 hours (with additional Asynchronous Assignments that students will do before or after class: approximately one hour per week of time involved).

    (Both the 200 and 250 hour program students complete most of the same online classes, with additional classes of five hours for the 250 hour students.)

    • Online classes generally take place on Fridays from 12:30pm-3:15pm weekly Pacific Time 

      (All classes are recorded, so if a class is missed by a student due to illness, then the class can be watched and any parter work made up etc).    

      Dates of online classes are: Feb 9, 16, 23.  March 1, 8, 15.  April 12, 19, 26.  May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.  June 7, 14, 21.   Sept 13, 20, 27.  October 4, 11, 18, 25 .  November 1, 8, 15.

Winter 2024 

Introduction/Greetings & 

The EMF Foundations Course

Online classes through Zoom:

February 9,  16, 23  

March 1, 8, 15 


PacificTime Zone

Asynchronous Learning Assignments (to schedule time for weekly at approx 1hr per week): total of 6hrs


It is also highly recommended that students will want to pre-read ahead for their textbook chapters assigned for the In Person Intensive #1, coming up later March.

Spring 2024

 Human Movement Experiencing & Observation Course: from the framework of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. (During In-Person Intensive)

In person classes: Vancouver, BC:

March 23 (eve 5:30-8:30pm), 24, 25, 26, (no class on 27, free day), 28, 29, 30. 

9am-12:45pm and 1:45pm-5:30pm 

Pacific Time Zone

(This is non-residential, students take care of their own travels and accommodations and food.)

Asynchronous Learning Assignments: 12 hrs for Intensive (1hr per class): can be completed pre or post intensive.

EMF Approaches, Methods and Themes Course (online)

Online classes through Zoom: 

April 12, 19, 26 

& May 3, 10, 17, 24 

June 7, 14, 21


Pacific Time Zone

Asynchronous Learning Assignments (to schedule time for weekly at approx 1hr per week): total of 10 hours

Summer 2024

EMF Lifespan Applications Course ~ Movement for Developmental Needs across all ages.

In person classes: Vancouver BC 

July 5 (eve 5:30-8:30pm), 6, 7, 8 (no class on 9th, free day) 10, 11, 12. 

9am-12:45pm & 1:45-5:30pm 


Pacific Time Zone

(This is non-residential, students take care of their own travels and accommodations and food.)

Asynchronous Learning Assignments: 12hrs for Intensive (1hr per class): can be completed pre or post intensive.


Deepening EMF Skills with Individuals and Groups Course .

In person classes on Saltspring Island, BC (applies only to those doing 250 EMF program)

(Residential: Accommodations and healthy Catered Meals can be included).

July 16 eve: 5:45-8:45pm

July 17, 18, 19 (20 is free day), 21, 22, 23.

9am-12:45pm & 1:45-5:30pm

Pacific Time Zone

Asynchronous Learning Assignments: 12hrs for Intensive (approx 1hr per class): can be completed pre or post intensive.

August is free of classes and is a month for rest, integration and planning for your Community Application Project for fall. Also time to catch up on readings!

Fall 2023

Community Application Project Course 


Professional Preparedness Course 

(Students are leading sessions in their own communities; with 1/1 support calls scheduled with instructors and connection with peers).

For our 250hours students: 

Somatic Movement Professional Ethics seminars (Sept 27 and Oct 4)

Online classes through Zoom: 

September 13, 20, 27

October 4, 11, 18, 25 

 November 1, 8, 15 


Pacific Time Zone

Asynchronous Learning Assignments are extra hours: approx 6hours

1/1 Final Meeting with Instructors

Between November 15-28

Closure of course by Nov 30, with all assignments due by 12pm Nov 30, 2024.


Program Completion Certificates sent by Dec 20.


2025 Program Dates

 (In Person) Intensive #1 March 22-29, 2025, Intensive #2 July 5-12, 2025, Intensive #3 July 15-22, 2025 (all on Saltspring Island, BC)

(Online Classes live on Zoom: Weekly on Fridays 12:30-3:15pm Pacific Time Zone, starting Feb 14  until end of June, then break during July and August, resume Sept-Nov).



Amanda Peñaloza-Banks, CMA-SP, RSME

Hana Kamea Kemble, MA, RSMT, RCC, BC-DMT, CLMA

Veronica Berezowsky, RCC, MA-DMT, RSMT

Danielle McCulloch, RSMT, DEP

~ With the potential for invited guest teachers in the additional 45 hour 3rd Intensive specializing in different aspects of somatic facilitation.

Embodiment Foundations Course

A 50 hour course for personal (or professional) development focused on introducing somatic movement and embodiment skills to those with or without prior movement experience. 25 hours are taught online (over 3 months) followed by a 25 hour in-person embodiment retreat on Saltspring Island.
50 Hours

Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate Program

A 250 hour 10 month long (non-clinical) certificate program, which offers skills training for professionals in the facilitation of expressive movement, dance and embodiment practices for community applications. This program is mainly focused in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies framework.
10 months

Movement Therapy Advanced Training Courses

Intensive Courses for ADTA Alternate Route advanced students. We are from time to time offering intensive courses in the use of dance and movement for psychotherapeutic goals, as well as special workshops in this area that are open to allied psychotherapy professionals upon interview.