FILM: The Moving Child I: Supporting Early Development Through Movement (Institutional Use)

THE MOVING CHILD I: Supporting Early Development Through Movement. This innovative film draws from diverse expertise in Child Development and Movement, featuring experts in Dance/Movement Therapy, Attachment Psychology, NeuroPhysiology, Psychiatry, Education, Physical and Occupational Therapy and BodyMind Centering. This film explores dynamic movement’s important role in a child’s physical, mental, emotional and social health and shows how awareness of movement from the get-go can support healthy family bonding and positively shape how a child grows, while sharing practical ideas for supporting and engaging movement with children. (59 minutes)

Educates about the importance of dynamic movement in child development (age 0-7) from the perspective of bonding, social & emotional development, brain growth and physical health. Features a variety of child development experts including Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Suzi Tortora, Myrna Martin, Martha Eddy, Kalila Homann, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, and Dr. Annie Brook and others.

3 Year Institutional Use license