Somatic Movement Classes 12 week series (Live on Zoom)

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The Movement Arc’s Somatic Movement Classes are open to anyone!

Offering rejuvenation through embodied practices!

Details: 12 week series (offered in Spring and Fall)

Classes are 1 hour long from 6-7pm Pacific time zone on Monday nights (9-10 EST) for the Spring Series: from first week in April through last week in June,


Fall Series: Tuesday nights, 6:30-7:30pm: starting second week in Sept through last week in November.

Once registered, we will send you exact dates by email.

If you have questions; please email us at

(NOTE For Expressive Movement Facilitator program students, these somatic movement classes will be followed by a half hour tutorial/seminar from 7-7:30pm Spring series, or 7:30-8pm Fall series in order to support reflecting on the class from a somatic movement perspective, sharing experiences etc): EMF students need 18hours total of somatic movement class time, either taken in spring or fall, so this means taking 12 classes in either season (as it counts for 1.5hours each class with the added tutorial time).

What will we be doing?

In these classes we explore different areas and aspects of our bodies, through experiential anatomy and somatic movement, in order to discover our resilience, strength, calm, love, connection to self and joy! We will offer you sensing, moving, feeling and somatic dance practices to connect with both your physical and emotional body and wellbeing. Each week after we physically explore and open our bodies in particular areas and then integrate that opening into the whole body, thereby also releasing tension and sequencing energy, we will then share practices that support you to feel into the emotional connections you have to this part of your body and notice any shifts in your emotional body as we go!

Week One: Feet

Week Two: Legs

Week Three: Hips and Pelvis

Week Four: Gut and Organs

Week Five: Ribs and Diaphragm

Week Six: Spine and Back

Week Seven: Shoulders/Chest

Week Eight: Arms/Hands

Week Nine: Neck/Head/Face

Week Ten: Weight Sensing and Activation of Whole Body

Week Eleven: Exploring Space and the Dimensional Scale 

Week Twelve: Integration of our learning, cultivating your own unique embodied dance that relates to your journey in this class, as well as working with somatic tools for your continued resilience in life! 🙂