Intro to Embodied Kinesiology (1 credit)*

Intro to embodied kinesiology; a 3-day experiential anatomy and kinesiology workshop

Kinesiology is the study of movement. This experiential anatomy and kinesiology workshop is an opportunity to explore a felt sense of one’s lived anatomy and to become more aware of how we prepare for movement and how we move.

Through lecture /discussion, guided experiential movements, readings / images, and other practices we will explore:

  • Embodied anatomy of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints
  • Myofascial connective tissue (muscle, fascia, ligament, tendons) as communicators and integrators of movement in relation to the architecture of the bones.
  • Visceral organ support for movement and sense of volume
  • Biomechanical concepts such as levers, tensegrity, closed vs open chain movements
  • Impact of the senses, perception, proprioception in movement
  • Godard’s Tonic Function theory as an organizing principle for movement

Note: this in an elective course, and is organized for students outside of the DMT curriculum depending on the needs within the cohort. This course is an additional cost, as some students coming into the training will already have this elective credit from previous training. For those that still require it, The Movement Arc will organize a course for students within the three year time frame.

Instructor: Amy Kiara Ruth, BSc (Kin, Ed)