DMT for Trauma Treatment I (2 credits)

DMT for Trauma Treatment I is an intensive, 4 day trauma-informed course.

The course consists of two primary modules; 1) Self Care; and 2) Treatment Phase 1: Relative Safety and Stability in Clinical Work.

This trauma informed course provides a thorough introduction to the clinical use of Dance/Movement Therapy with survivors of complex and interpersonal trauma. This course is intended to provide foundational skills to address the unique needs of survivors of trauma. This course simultaneously emphasizes dance/movement therapy (DMT) as a self-care practice for therapists working with trauma, and DMT practices to support safety, stability and reconnection, which are based on a contemporary, evidenced-based phasic approach to working with complex trauma. In this course relevant DMT developmental theory is discussed and current contributions from neuroscience as well as evidence base DMT practice with trauma survivors are looked at.