Veronica Berezowsky


Veronica holds an MA in Dance/movement psychotherapy from CODARTS (Rotterdam, NL) and a Certificate in Community dance through Trinity Laban (London, UK). She is a registered B.C. clinical counselor (RCC), registered Somatic therapist (RSMT), an EMDR therapist and registered yoga instructor (RYT200). She brings over 15 years experience using dance & movement as tools for individual and social transformation and inclusion, providing individual and group dance therapy, and participating in the empowerment of communities through social justice and human rights based projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Veronica currently works in private practice holding space for individuals and groups, mainly focused on individual, ancestral and collective (patriarchal) trauma recovery. She also offers her services as dance artist, menstrual activist & educator within community-based projects and as trauma informed astanga yoga instructor within the Hispanic community in Vancouver.

Veronica is a curious soul inhabiting, in this lifetime, the mysterious body of a woman. She deeply recalls a wiser way of existing on Earth and aims to contribute in restoring it. She follows her heart because she cannot do otherwise. This has brought her through the darknes and light in a tough, but deeply meaningful life journey. Her calling centers around holding space for others to reclaim and embody their full Self through understanding, inhabiting and embracing their cyclic body, in a journey towards a more conscious, fulfilling & meaningful life. Her therapeutic approach weaves dance/movement and somatic therapy, EMDR, conscious embodiment practices, cyclic awareness, energy healing, ritual and ceremony.

“Many of the practices that I share and that inform my own practice are rooted in knowledge, wisdom and traditions much greater than myself, as well as in my own process of learning, de-learning, decolonization and a conscious commitment with my own healing journey. I am deeply grateful to all my teachers as well as to my clients, who have trusted and allowed me to keep sharing, moving and healing together.”