Intro to Embodied Kinesiology


Intro to embodied kinesiology; a 3-day experiential anatomy and kinesiology workshop (1 credit course*)
Cost: $500 + $25 GST = Total $525.00

Kinesiology is the study of movement. This experiential anatomy and kinesiology workshop is an opportunity to explore a felt sense of one’s lived anatomy and to become more aware of how we prepare for movement and how we move.

Through lecture /discussion, guided experiential movements, readings / images, and other practices we will explore:

-Embodied anatomy of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints
-Myofascial connective tissue (muscle, fascia, ligament, tendons) as communicators and integrators of movement in relation to the architecture of the bones
-Visceral organ support for movement and sense of volume
-Biomechanical concepts such as levers, tensegrity, closed vs open chain movements
-Impact of the senses, perception, proprioception in movement
-Godard’s Tonic Function theory as an organizing principle for movement

*This in an elective credit course for 1 credit in Kinesiology/Anatomy

Note: Tuition fee for this course is separate from either of the training program tuition fees.

Instructors: Amy Kiara Ruth, BSc (Kin, Ed) (see Bio)
Dates: TBA
Cost: $500 + $25 GST = Total $525.00