Professional Preparedness

Professional Preparedness is the final course in the EMF training program, designed to support students in a variety of areas; one is the integration of EMF program curricula so the student can “take their ball and run with it now”; two is a revisiting and remembering of Diversity and Power awareness and Trauma-Informed Skills; three, Self-Care practices as a practitioner; four, support for the ‘birthing’ of each student’s ideas for applying somatic expressive movement in one’s pre-existing or new practices and/or in new community settings; and five, this course also seeks to ensure that students have knowledge of best business practices as well as somatic movement facilitator ethics to ensure professionalism in the somatic movement field. We will also celebrate the student’s achievements and support them in staying connected to the international somatic movement community, their peers and their own sub-group of practice area, and to their instructors as supports moving forwards. We will also witness one another’s presentations on their community projects and celebrate the completion of the program.

Learning Objectives 

Through movement experientials, discussion and reflection, students will:

1)  Develop awareness and understanding of diversity, inclusion, cultural sensitivity and power/ privilege for being an accessible and equitable expressive movement educator/facilitator.

2)      Develop awareness, understanding, and skills in Trauma-Informed Practices.

3)      Understand our affiliated credentialing professional association’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

4)      Recognize and define student’s own specific scope of practice (that may include additional areas of professional training and practice).

5)      Understand aspects of creating a somatic movement based business, and develop skills in communicating and marketing a business.

6)      Develop skills in working somatically in virtual/online settings.

7)      Present projects that demonstrate the skills and knowledge students have gained in this training.

This course takes place online on Zoom.